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Stationary bag closer machine (sew)
(industrial sewing head)

Model : GK35-6A
Brand Keestar (CN)
Sewing type : one thread chain
Sewing step : 6,5-11 mm
Sewing speed : 2.000 spm
Tension 220V/50Hz sau 380V
Weight 35,8 Kg
Cutting the chain : automatic
Price : 1.200 Euro (excl.+ VAT).
The sewing head is used Together with the mobile column SZ-1.
The SZ-1 is specifically designed for allows positioning
of the sewing head at a height correlated with the height of the sacks,
thus reducing the operator's effort, making it possible to increase labor productivity.
Sewing head mounted on this column is with automatic chain cutting and also,
can work in tandem with the JB-99 device which allows the sacks to bend at the mouth, before sewing.
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