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Bag Closer Sewing Machines







Mobile Column SZ-1

Fitting carriage column GK/S-6

Band transport Conveyor GK-S

Packing and Weighing Line




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Suspender GKU6
The suspender shown nearside is suitable to sustain any portable bag closer sewing machine for effortless of operators. Easy ettlement for the high of level where to retain the portable bag closer machine is possible when increase or decrease tension of the spring located inside of the device.

The maximum allowed weight to keep suspended, is maximum 7 kg.


Pret 98 Euro

Ata Nm. 20/2x3 Sewing threads for bag closer sewing machines, Nm.20/2x3.
Weight/con: abt. 250g/con.
packege include 60 de cones/box.
Price 1,75 Euro/con for less than 60 cones
Price 1,70 Euro/con for minimum one box (60 cones)
Price 1,65 Euro/con for minimum three boxes (180 cones)
Price 1,60 Euro/con for minimum five boxes (300 cones).
needles UY 143GS size 200-250
Price 2,0 ron / pce. (minimum 10pcs)
Oil for textile machines
Price 25,0 ron / liter.

All above prices are FOB-Bucharest (VAT excluded)..
Delivery from stock or import against bank payment..


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